Electric Camera Vehicle / Electric Camera Car available for Movies, Commercials, TV, Music Videos and Live events.

  • Universal design supports endless configuration possibilities for shots in many situations.
  • Electric Camera Vehicle can be equipped with multiple cameras, remote heads, small crane or jib, generator, lights, monitors and personnel.
  • A 15′ Techno crane & stabilized head can also be mounted to camera car.
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors, no emissions, silent for sound, great for small places with limited access or a mobile camera platform.


  • Electric Camera Vehicle is 4′ wide, 11′ long and is equipped with a high performance electric power system, programmable controller that allows for dual set speeds, air suspension system for adjustable ride and weight compensation, 2 working platforms front and rear, 4 wheel disc brakes with programmable electric braking system, side boards, tower for crane, removable platforms and an aluminum cheese plate body that supports unlimited rigging possibilities.
  • Vehicle can go all day on a single charge, speeds up to 35mph, can handle over 1600 lbs of equipment/crew, can tow in excess of 2500 lbs and seats up to 5 crew members.
  • Vehicle shows up ready to work, small crane or jib can be added in minutes, Mitchell mounts, speed rail, tools and basic hardware included in rental.
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